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In search of mesmerizing artwork that revamps your space? Tie it all together with limited edition giclee prints that make your walls worth the admiration. Each art piece is created after hours of passionate artistry and is thus, a vivid expression of the artist’s creativity.

JohnWeaverArt introduces art-notes-1

ArtNotes by John Weaver“ I like to get to know each piece of my finished work for awhile.  It is a search, a journey, a pondering, much like meditation.  Eventually it speaks to me.  When it does, it is done.  I never view it the same again.  That is how I know I have found what it wanted to say.”  – John Weaver

Introducing art-notes-1.           Printed on a 100lb matte card stock for a rich feel with an easy writing surface. Each 5” X 7” ArtNote is accompanied with a beautiful white envelope with a linen texture.  ArtNote and envelope are enclosed in a resealable crystal clear protective cover.

ArtNotes can be purchased individually or in a set. Each set include six cards, one of each design.



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